A C T I V I T Y   L E V E L   I N D I C A T O R S

Our A.L.I. is Your New Ally

A T T R I T I O N   W I L L   N E V E R   B E   A   P R O B L E M   A G A I N

All Members Are Not Created Equally

To make a material impact on the number of resignations you receive each year, club leadership must be making data-driven decisions when it comes to monitoring attrition, designing a successful membership retention campaign and communicating the best message to the correct member every time. 

  • Identify At-Risk Members
  • Increase Member Engagement
  • Lower Attrition Rates
  • Increase Club Spending
  • Enhance the Member Experience

The Activity Level Indicator (A.L.I.) was designed to do just this. A.L.I. examines the usage patterns of each member and utilizes predictive analysis to identify members whose engagement levels are trending away from the club.

Gain Deeper Insights

Identify At Risk Members Immediately


Each month, management will receive a suite of reports identifying the most ‘at risk’ members, as well as others who we feel the club needs to reach out and engage with, in one way or another.

Negative Trending Reports

Identify members who are “trending away from the club” so your staff can positively influence their activity.

Positive Trending Reports

Allows the highest users of  the club, and those who are trending positively, to be recognized and thanked.

Full ALI Member Overview

Highlights the quantifiable  account of activity levels and usage trends of every member of your club.

New Member Trend Report

It is imperative to make sure they’re assimilating into the club properly and their engagement is monitored.

Since starting to use A.L.I., our attrition rate has dropped from 11% to 4% and our membership price has increased from $36,000 up to $100,000.

Marcus King, PGA, CCM, CCE

General Manager

Overlake Golf & Country Club

President, Pacific Northwest Section PGA

Know When to Act and Have a Plan

Your data tells a story that others may miss. Now clubs can focus on specific members, at the right time, and re-engage those members with more personalized efforts. A.L.I. reads between the lines to determine what matters most and connect the dots to bring everything and everyone in sync to maximize your club's retention.

Stop Resignations Now!

Increase Member Engagement

Increase Club

Utilizing past reporting, A.L.I. can identify at risk members and allow you to act immediately to their trends.

Be able to predict when a specific member needs extra attention. For example, reach out and offer a free lesson!

Engaging both negative and positive trending members will increase the number of visits to the club.

Ready to Reduce the Number of Resignations at Your Club?

Clubs now have fact-based data to immediately implement retention plans to help retain these at risk members before they resign.