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It's time to know when to act and retain your members BEFORE they resign!

Looking for a way to decrease the number of members resigning?

Our Activity Level Indicator and Member Engagement software provides you valuable insight and identifies activity trends of your membership each month.

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Is Membership Attrition a Problem at Your Club?

Creative Golf Marketing has developed a revolutionary, pro-active tool designed to assist in identifying critical engagement and activity trends, which allow clubs to  

implement retention action plans to help retain ‘at-risk’ members before they resign.

  • Identify 'At Risk' Members
  • Increase Member Engagement
  • Lower Attrition Rates
  • Monitor Activity Trends
  • Increase Club Spending
  • Enhance Club Experiences

Discover the Secret to Membership Retention

Using our specific algorithm, the program will automatically assign each member an Activity Level Indicator (ALI) score based on their activity within the club. 

Each month, you are provided a suite of reports identifying the most ‘at risk’ members as well as the most active members; allowing you to continually monitor engagement instead of attempting to re-engage at a later date.

  • Activity Level Indicator Overview
  • Negative Trending Report
  • Positive Trending Report
  • New Member Trends Report

“The Activity Level Indicator and Membership Trends reports opened my eyes! To know each month how much our member’s engagement has gone up and down is truly a tool that should be in every Manager’s inbox.”

Marcus King, PGA, CCM, CCE

General Manager

Overlake Golf & Country Club

President, Pacific Northwest Section PGA

Stop Resignations Now!

Every club should be utilizing our advanced predictive analysis as a fundamental strategy to positively influence membership retention and attrition.